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Appellation by Tradition Retsina, Greece – Learn about Greece’s resinated wine, find information and wine reviews for modern products made in this style, read our food pairing suggestions and more.

Retsina Bottle with Greek Landscape

Mezédes¹ and Retsina Wine

In my article Oinos and the Easter Feast, I had promised to write about my wine pairings for the Easter dinner. Retsina wine was one of my choices. As tables were set with all sorts of mezédes, I made myself a plate with taramosaláta2, dolmádes3, drob4, feta cheese […]

People during celebration of Orthodox Easter

Oinos¹ and the Easter Feast

Yes, Easter… A thrilling time of the year. It’s perhaps because I was brought up in this land that I find Easter celebration even more vibrant here, in the Balkan area. From unknown parishes to the largest cities, generations of Orthodox Christians flock to the churches on the […]