OENOSPHERA website is about old world wines made in Southeast European countries like Greece, Romania, Bulgaria or Turkey. The impressive range of terroirs and grape varieties in these countries is backed by thousands of years of vine growing and winemaking history.

Throughout history, wine has been part of the life and culture of the peoples in this old world wine region. It is sufficient to remind of Dionysus, a god born in this territory, or the Greek word amphora to show how deeply people’s lives have been influenced by the activity of growing vines and the production and consumption of wine. It is useless to say that know-how in these old world wine countries has developed through generations, even if, throughout history, wine industry has suffered downturns such as with the fall of the Roman Empire when exports to western territories plummeted, the phylloxera epidemic at the end of the 19th century, or communism in Romania and Bulgaria more recently.

We aim to provide accurate, trustful information about regions, appellations, grape varieties and wines in South Eastern Europe. There are hundreds of local grape varieties which coexist with international ones. As part of the old world, wine names follow the appellation paradigm which basically means that wines are geographically identified. Throughout the website pages, you will encounter tongue twisting words representing names of places, local grape varieties, persons or simply names of wines. Our intention is to ease out their understanding, as we believe that cultural and linguistic diversity have their influence on the styles of wines, food and wine pairings, names of wines or consumption patterns.

Besides technically describing regions, appellations, grape varieties and wines, we focus on the historic periods in this part of the old world of wine, the pulsating life in the region and how wine is part of it and, of course, how to pair wines with the hugely diverse local dishes or even international recipes.

At the same time, we love wine in general and believe that each viticultural region of the world has its unique, marvellous products. This is why up to 20% of our content is about international wines, from both the old world and the new world.

Ultimately, we support a powerful wine industry in South Eastern European countries.


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