Tasting Notes

SERVE Cuvée Charlotte 2011

Dealu Mare - SERVE Cuvée Charlotte 2011

Courtesy of SERVE CEPTURA S.R.L.

The producers themselves describe the 2011 vintage as “a rare and prestigious wine” [“SERVE Ceptura”, 2016, “Collection Wines”]. “Unusually sophisticated”, writes Jancis Robinson in Romania’s grape hopes.

Produced for the first time in 2001 from the 1999 harvest, Cuvée Charlotte is usually a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Fetească Neagră, following no strict recipe [“SERVE Ceptura,” 2016]. The proportion of each grape variety in the blend of a particular vintage is actually kept secret by the producer.

As with the other bottlings in SERVE’s Cuvée range, this wine is named after a member of Count Guy Tyrel de Poix’s family, Charlotte being his eldest daughter. [“Cuvée Charlotte,” n.d.].

SERVE Cuvée Charlotte is made with grapes from the estate’s most valuable sites in Romania’s D.O.C. Dealu Mare [“SERVE Ceptura”, 2016].

Tasting Notes

Not fully intense ruby color, showing signs of age. Bright cassis, plums and red berries, touched by fine spices, integrate perfectly with cedar and hints of smoke from oak ageing. The intensely aromatic spectrum also reveals notes of game, mushrooms and wet leaves. The whole continues seamlessly in the mouth, where the vivid acidity and the sensible, yet round, tannins form the backbone through which a full bodied juice flows to a long finish.

I was particularly impressed with this wine’s balance. All is so integrated, that identifying the different aromas and flavours is not an easy task.


Critics’ Reviews

Jancis Robinson

Very sophisticated wine that looks glorious – healthy and nuanced. Smells complex and youthful. One of the few reds not to be scared by tannins. Great balance but great future too. Lovely wine. [“SERVE Ceptura,” 2016, “Collection Wines”]

Score 17.5; Date of review 2014 [“SERVE Ceptura”, 2016]

Wine Information

Cuvée Charlotte
D.O.C. Dealu Mare
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Fetească Neagră
Dealurile Munteniei

[“Cuvée Charlotte,” n.d.]

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