Tasting Notes

2016 Kechris Winery The Tear of the Pine, Retsina, Greece

Pale gold. Resin is so strong on the nose, you may in part mistake it for a fault – certainly it is not. Intense, resinous, fruit is there, but behind. Pear, a touch of lemon, grapefruit, little bit quince, stone fruit – peach, apricot – somewhat floral – acacia – and herbaceous notes. High acidity, medium to full body. Resin is even stronger in the mouth, however accompanied by green apple, pear, citrus – lemon, grapefruit – peach, apricot. Medium plus finish. Modern style, yet we get a fair impression on what retsina wine is like.

Personally I enjoy more Savatiano-based retsinas. Although technically this is a very good wine, I think Assyrtiko’s aromatic profile goes in a competition with the pungency of the resin, of which none of them seems to win. On the contrary, Savatiano’s rather neutral character copes better in my opinion with the pervasive smell of pine.

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