Tasting Notes

SERVE Cuvée Amaury 2012

Pale gold in color, with medium to pronounced aromas. I find it slightly over-oaked – cedar, vanilla, smoke – but fruits and flowers are there: peach, hints of quince, preserved fruits – fig – some citrus – lemon, grapefruit – and chamomile. The spectrum is completed with mineral notes – stony, kerosene – sweet spices, slight leafiness and green bell pepper. Full body, high acidity. In the mouth, fruit takes the lead over oak. Stone fruits – peach, apricot – citrus – lemon, grapefruit – green apple, golden apple, quince, fig. Stony and leafy again, tinged with honey. Long fruity, mineral, citrussy finish.

Tons of aromas. Apparently the sum of its varietal components. White coupages tend to become a speciality in Dealu Mare.

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