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Edoardo Miroglio Brut 2008 - The planting of the vineyards began in 2002, choosing as the first variety the Pinot Nero (“Our vineyards”, n.d., para. 2). Edoardo Miroglio’s excellence on Pinot Noir varietals is debatable. However, the producer in Elenovo sparkles with its Metodo Classico bottlings. Pinot Noir and its Burgundian cousin Chardonnay, […]
Retsina Papagiannakos 2015, Retsina, Greece - Truth to be told, pine resin is not only an efficient preservative used in the past during the transportation of wine overseas. It is also good at hiding a wine’s faults or lack of character. It seems some of today’s Greek wineries have set their minds to disassemble […]
Edoardo Miroglio Elenovo Mavrud 2010, PGI Thracian Valley, Bulgaria - This is a wine made from Mavrud grapes grown in a cooler climate. Elenovo, a village in Sliven province, just south of the Balkan Mountains, enjoys a continental climate, quite distinctive from the hotter parts of Thracian Valley where this grape variety thrives (“Geography,” n.d.). A range of […]
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Cârnaţi de Pleşcoi la Atelier Pleșcoi Sausages with New World Wine - It was after my friend’s holiday in Gura Siriului, Buzău County, last summer. Near Gura Siriului lies Pleșcoi, the village famous for its sausages. My friend showed at my door with a 2-kilo bag of Pleșcoi sausages. ‘Good thing’, I said, and I was ready to cook them. […]
Lamb Roast with fire Behind Roast Lamb with Mature Red Wines - Wine with lamb, provided we are talking about simple roast meat – no sauces or heavy seasoning – is not too difficult a match. Yes, it may be expensive, depending on how impressive you want your meal to be. In Oinos and The Easter Feast, I named several […]
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