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Retsina Papagiannakos 2015, Retsina, Greece - Truth to be told, pine resin is not only an efficient preservative used in the past during the transportation of wine overseas. It is also good at hiding a wine’s faults or lack of character. It seems some of today’s Greek wineries have set their minds to disassemble […]
Edoardo Miroglio Elenovo Mavrud 2010, PGI Thracian Valley, Bulgaria - This wine may be referred to as a cooler climate Mavrud. Elenovo, a village in Sliven province, just south of the Balkan Mountains, enjoys continental climate, quite distinctive from the hotter parts of Thracian Valley where Mavrud grape variety thrives (“Geography,” 2017). A range of wine styles produced […]
Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2004, DOCa Rioja, Spain - What is remarkable about this Marqués de Cáceres wine, besides being superb, is that it follows the typical design of a Rioja red blend. As Tempranillo wines are made throughout Spain, I have compiled information from two sources, “A privileged region for quality grape growing – Regulatory Board […]
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Pleșcoi - Atelier de produse tradiţionale Pleșcoi Sausages with New World Wine - It was after my friend’s holiday in Gura Siriului, Buzău County, last summer. Near Gura Siriului lies Pleșcoi, the village famous for its sausages. My friend showed at my door with a 2-kilo bag of Pleșcoi sausages. ‘Good thing’, I said, and I was ready to cook them. […]
Retsina Bottle with Greek Landscape Mezédes¹ and Retsina Wine - In my article Oinos and the Easter Feast, I had promised to write about my wine pairings for the Easter dinner. Retsina wine was one of my choices. As tables were set with all sorts of mezédes, I made myself a plate with taramosaláta2, dolmádes3, drob4, feta cheese […]
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